How Adobe Video Solution Partners support the future of video production

Over the past decade, cloud technology has transformed the way that we work, communicate, learn, and consume entertainment. Individuals and businesses alike have eagerly adopted the cloud as a way to eliminate the time-consuming, frustrating, and sometimes costly cycle of software updates and hardware overhauls. But it’s only in recent years, with faster and more reliable technology becoming available for reasonable costs, that the cloud has become an attractive option for the resource-heavy field of video production.

From TV broadcasters to media agencies to Hollywood Studios, more companies are turning to cloud-based video production as a way to boost collaboration, accelerate production, and focus more resources on being creative instead of managing IT. The recent pandemic and push for remote work has only accelerated the demand for cloud-base services.

For many media companies, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and other Adobe Creative Cloud apps provide the features and functionality that companies need to create any type of video, from feature-length films to social media clips. But Adobe Creative Cloud is only one piece of the cloud environment. Companies need storage, asset management, networking, transcoding, and other hardware and software solutions working together in harmony to accomplish their unique media goals.


Supporting more customers with the Adobe Video Solution Partner Program

No two video production environments are exactly the same. The Adobe Video Solution Partner Program is an important way to help Adobe customers get the support that they need for their specific ecosystem. The program is designed to train system integrators in support, workflow and system design, and software integrations. System integrators who demonstrate expertise in all three areas can become Adobe Video Solution Partners — experts ready to tackle any company’s video needs.

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Today, we would like to introduce three new partners: BASE Media Cloud (UK and global), CHESA (US), and Key Code Media (US). All three partners are integration experts that see the cloud as the next frontier of video editing. Their cloud offerings are built to help customers boost flexibility and productivity with video editing and production from anywhere.

BASE Media Cloud: 100 percent cloud hosted media services

BASE Media Cloud is known as a media-focused cloud specialist. It builds managed cloud environments tailor-made for digital media workflows, handling everything from storage, file transfer, and media asset management to remote editing, distribution, and AI solutions. Its clients range from major broadcasters such as BBC and ITV to leading social video platforms like LADBible Group and popular sports brands such as The FA and EXTREME E.

While BASE Media Cloud has long promoted cloud-based media workflows to its clients since launching in 2015, the company has seen a huge growth in demand as more media companies have moved to remote work.

“We want to position BASE Media Cloud as the go-to cloud provider for media companies,” says Ben Foakes, founder and managing director of BASE Media Cloud. “Adobe Creative Cloud has always made sense for us because we see how Adobe has great apps that it’s proactively moving to the cloud to support the future of media. It also integrates brilliantly with our most popular SaaS services such as BeBop, Iconik, LucidLink, and Veritone.”

As an Adobe Video Solution Partner, BASE Media Cloud formalized its already close relationship with Adobe and gained access to the in-depth training it needed to turn support staff into Adobe experts. The company provides Adobe training as part of its regular onboarding process to its remote editing solutions. Now the support team can provide clients with even better service, including knowledgeable advice about how to optimize cloud environments and workflows to achieve best results with Adobe.

“The association with Adobe will help us continue to grow as we start expanding around the world,” says Foakes. “Our clients can sleep well at night knowing that their productions are in the hands of Adobe and cloud experts from BASE.”

CHESA: Enabling creative teams while driving IT efficiencies

US-based system integrator CHESA, now in its 30th year, works with only the best technologies and solutions to design, install, and support end-to-end media ecosystems for clients. From setting up storage, media asset management, and cloud services to helping design better editorial workflows, CHESA does it all for media clients. Adobe Creative Cloud usually sits at the center of its client’s editorial environments. CHESA dives deep into Adobe Creative Cloud workflows on their The Workflow Show podcast.

“Adobe stands head and shoulders above the competition,” says Lance Hukill, vice-president of sales at CHESA. “As a systems integrator, what we love about Adobe is how open it is. No matter what kind of integrations a client needs, whether they want to work in the cloud or on-premise, Adobe Creative Cloud is a great fit for any architecture.”

The certification training to become an Adobe Video Solution Partner has given the CHESA service team even more confidence and creditability around its Adobe expertise. The company can add more value for clients by orchestrating better workflows, showing customers how to get more from Adobe Creative Cloud apps, and pushing service to the next level.

“The past year has exponentially ramped up adoption of remote and cloud workflows in media,” says Hukill. “It’s a big opportunity for us and being an Adobe Video Solution Partner is one way that we can demonstrate value for our customers.”

Key Code Media: Discovering unique solutions for every customer

As Key Code Media celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, the company is reflecting on how its grown from a post-production reseller to a full systems integrator that provides consulting, design, installation, and training with over 7,000 customers nationwide. Adobe has always been a core part of the company’s offerings. The company regularly works with Adobe to deliver informative events to clients across the United States. It even offers full training and education programs designed to keep customers up to date on Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

“Adobe does a phenomenal job of not just having one app, but a whole collection of apps that work together to provide customers a lot of value in one cloud offering,” says Mike Cavanagh, president of Key Code Media. “Companies are often working with dozens of tools and pieces of equipment that need to connect together in a cohesive network, and now the cloud. What Key Code Media brings to the table is a vast amount of experience designing, installing, and supporting post-production systems.”

Key Code Media will now solve engineering, support, or training challenges customers may be facing as a certified Adobe Video Solution Partner.

“We’re very excited to be a part of the Adobe Video Solution Partner Program,” says Cavanagh. “We’re providing Adobe clients with world-class experiences by helping them get more from their Adobe Creative Cloud apps and tying all components together to create a seamless collaborative workflow.”

With expert partners such as BASE Media Cloud, CHESA, and Key Code Media, Adobe can help even more media clients see the benefits of cloud environments for video production.

For additional information on the Adobe Video Solution Partner Program, please contact your Adobe representative.

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