Harmonizing work and asset management with Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials and Workfront

As companies accelerate to digital, they are seeing an increase in customer expectations for richer, personalized customer experiences. This requires companies to rethink their work and digital asset management processes and capabilities needed to deliver consistent and relevant content quickly.

In an attempt to support this new way of working, companies inadvertently create a digital work crisis where functions and teams are disconnected, content is stale, inaccessible and trapped in silos, and work processes are analog. Instead of being empowered, employees end up wasting a lot of time on clumsy processes and searching for information.

At Adobe, we are on a mission to help you get quality work to market faster. With Adobe Workfront & Adobe Experience Manager Assets, we’ve already helped the world’s largest brands regain control over the complex work behind their digital experiences. For new Workfront customers, we are introducing a seamless integration between our lightweight digital asset management solution, Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials and Workfront.

Get started quickly with Adobe Workfront + Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials

Workfront with Assets Essentials fuses work and asset management empowering creative and marketing teams to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale. Individual teams and departments can manage the end-to-end lifecycle of their digital assets from creation to delivery.

With Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials, companies can move at a faster pace because content and work are intrinsically connected. All the context, documents, images, and feedback needed to create amazing work appears in one solution. Marketing and creative teams can locate the content they need and use it precisely when they need it. Teams no longer waste time creating content that isn’t used or necessary allowing them to focus on the right work and deliver the great experiences their customers deserve.

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Our goal is simple: we want to reduce friction between your tools and make your team’s work and asset lifecycle more efficient.

To learn more about this integration, join us on September 9th at our live webinar or check out our website.

Source : Adobe

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