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Video is one of the most important ways to connect brands with their customers. Thirty-seven percent of social marketers say they need dedicated resources for video in order to have a more significant impact, according to Sprout Social. Unfortunately, working with video often feels like it is harder than it needs to be. Whether you are producing ads, social media content, or even internal learning and educational videos, the huge, tough-to-manage files and complex editing and revisions make it a complete team effort to go from idea to delivery. The additional challenge of being physically apart from your collaborators makes it even more complicated to view content, and give and review feedback.

Thankfully, there is now a better way. Dropbox has worked with creative businesses worldwide to develop new features to solve this problem. With Adobe Premiere Pro and Dropbox, you can access video clips more easily, share your creativity, and get to sign-off faster.


Problem 1: Clunky sharing

The first hitch in the video production process is collecting all the large video files from your camera operators and uploading them to a central drive. Organizing all the camera cards and hard drives from multiple team members is time-consuming, with a high risk of losing files.

Once editing is underway, you then have to share video content for review. Often that means outputting a lower-quality render of the project and sending it, usually on a hard drive or via an FTP service that can be glitchy and sometimes does not update to the latest and greatest file. Hard drives are heavy to drag around and take time and money to send. Not ideal.

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Solution: Dropbox sync, Smart Sync, and previews for effortless collaboration

Dropbox previews allow you to collaborate with your crew and camera operators while they are still in the field. The video files can be uploaded as soon as they are out of the camera. That means the editing team back at base can get to work without waiting for the physical hard drives or camera cards.

The Dropbox Smart Sync client allows you to resume uploads if connectivity drops and makes it easy and secure to share files and folders with any of your collaborators. Once the content is synchronized from the crew’s laptop, you can set it to be stored online-only in order to free up hard drive space for more footage.

Dropbox previews allow numerous reviewers to view the content you have shared without downloading the audio or video file or having the original application. When you save your edit output to a Dropbox folder, Dropbox will sync it to the cloud and automatically create a streaming version of that file for you to share with anyone for review. No need to worry about the video file size. Dropbox will take care of the complex conversions so it can be viewable by anyone on any device. To add a layer of professionalism to your work, check out the branded folder sharing that allows you to put your company’s look and feel on all of the content you share, for a more polished appearance.

Problem 2: Feedback fiascoes

Once the client or reviewer receives the file, you now face the challenge of getting feedback. This is where things become even more complicated. Mountains of emails — or even spreadsheets full of timestamps and notes — must be sent back and forth among reviewers, and various team members and collaborators. Then it is up to the editor and producer to decode and aggregate all of that feedback into something manageable, actionable, and correct. It’s like trying to put together a 3D puzzle that is continually changing as more people weigh in on your progress.

Frame-accurate commenting allows you and your collaborators to work with a greater degree of precision. All comments will appear alongside the video content so that you can review the comments in context. When there are multiple reviewers, all feedback is aggregated in a single manageable place to avoid duplicates. Now editors can type in the timecode linked to a comment and make changes at speed. It is a precise way of collecting accurate feedback instead of making a guesstimate on what needs to change. Think of all the time you will save when you do not have to juggle emails, spreadsheets, or other tools that are not designed for the job. Dropbox preview with frame-accurate commenting, part of the Creative Tools Add-On, is designed specifically to support creatives worldwide.

Problem 3: Outdated final delivery

Your creative team has made it through all the hurdles of putting together the perfect finished product. The last step in the process — delivering the final version of the edit — regularly proves to be a struggle. You have received the appropriate sign-off, outputted the final version, and now you need to send the huge file to your clients. That often means shipping a hard drive or using glitchy FTP tools that many clients find overly complicated.

Solution: Dropbox Transfer

With Dropbox Transfer, once your final video content is synchronized to your Dropbox folder, you can quickly and easily generate a transfer. Add a password and expiration date for security, customize the background and logo for an added layer of branding, and then transfer the video directly to your clients. You will even be able to view analytics of when the files have been viewed and downloaded. You can transfer up to 100GB with a Dropbox Professional, Business Advanced, or Business Enterprise account — and up to 250GB with the Creative Tools Add-On — making delivery simple.

Dropbox enables everyone you are working with to access and interact with all of your video content. Our tools help speed up collaboration so you can create with ease. Get to sign-off faster on your Adobe Premiere projects by using Dropbox to streamline your editing and review processes. Stop wasting time and money and connect with your customers in a better way.

Find out more about how the Dropbox Creative Tools Add-On can help your team.

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