Fu-Chi Shih on monitoring the health of Adobe’s customers

During the pandemic, our employees were as dedicated as ever to our customers, and Fu-Chi Shih, manager of customer analytics, was no exception. In her role, Shi is leading a team of talented customer analysts that equip our customer success managers with valuable information to help our customers maximize their use of Adobe products. Read her interview to learn how she’s making an impact.

What initially drew you to join Adobe?

After I graduated with a Masters degree from UC Berkeley I was looking for a job in data analytics. I previously had experience in consulting, but I realized that my true passion lies in using data to make impact for business.

I was investigating roles and that’s when I found this position at Adobe. Like most people, I knew Adobe because of Photoshop and PDF, but the more I learned about the Adobe Experience Cloud, my interest kept growing. In the end, this role aligned with my interests perfectly.

You’ve been here since 2017. How would you explain the culture at Adobe?

I feel deeply that Adobe truly invests in their people and cares about our wellbeing. Not only that, diversity and inclusion is very top of mind. It’s awesome that Adobe is still trying to fulfill what they believe to be right, even with this ongoing pandemic.

Regarding leaders, I feel very supported. I had a baby last year, and the whole team has been very supportive. I can feel fulfilled being a mother and a manager. This really creates trust within the team, which is the basis for our success.

During the height of the pandemic, what types of challenges was your team helping customers with?

I’m working on the same project when I first started and it has grown rapidly since then—now we have a whole team that I manage for this project. The tool we’ve built tracks and measures the product engagement of our customers through what we call a Product Adoption Score. Simply put, it measures customer engagement with our products. With everything that happened last year and continuing now, this is more important than ever. With this score, we can see if there are some tools that are being underutilized by customers, and in turn have more in-depth conversations with them.

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In 2020 we were closely tracking a lot of industry trends, and many customers were getting hit hard. In order to help them with their digital journey, we were doing deep dives to see if some tools were becoming more popular during the pandemic, so that customer success managers could make plans for customers who were not leveraging these tools yet. We collaborate with customer success, product management, product marketing, and engineering teams, all with the one goal of helping our customers. During the pandemic, teams across Adobe Experience Cloud were also assisting governments worldwide to make our content management, email, forms, and signature technology available, and we used data to help drive the success of these products for our customers.

Source : Adobe

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