Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service

Adobe Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service is now faster, scalable, easier to use, and adds more layers of security to your cloud environment.

Today, great disruptions to business, government and everyday life have significantly increased the need for enrollment in digital services to be convenient, fast, and secure.

Yet, it is still common for organizations to have hundreds of paper-based forms and processes. At a time when more people are working remotely (either full time or part of the time), the lack of paperless business and government is creating frustrating and time-consuming roadblocks.

In our digital age, the expectation is that it should not take weeks to capture and act on data, nor should it be such an error-prone or costly process.

Fortunately, organizations can free themselves from inefficient legacy solutions and manual work — and move to a modern platform.

What does a modern enrollment process look like?

A modern digital enrollment experience goes beyond initial data capture. It includes multiple touchpoints in a user’s relationship with the brand such as: initial enrollment, onboarding, communications, retention and upsell. An ideal solution also maintains a consistent brand experience across all these touchpoints.

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Introducing Adobe Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service

Adobe Experience Manager Forms, sharing a common content repository with Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Assets, enables customers to deliver a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints by utilizing the same brand approved content and assets.

To enhance this solution and ease the transition for businesses, organizations and government into modern digital enrollment experiences, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms technology was reimagined to operate in the cloud.

Rebuilt from ground up, Adobe Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service is now faster, scalable, easier to use, and adds even more layers of security to your cloud environment. It’s also integrated with Adobe Sign, making a seamless end-to-end digital enrollment and onboarding solution.

Even for highly regulated industries — including public sector, financial services, and healthcare — teams can get up and running quickly that make secure, accurate data collection easier than ever.

Benefits of cloud-based forms

Cloud migration is widely known to lower operating costs, streamline tasks for efficiency, and drive revenue.

But what does cloud migration do for digital forms, specifically?

At a baseline, organizations that used Adobe Experience Manager Forms saw a 379 percent return on investment within three years and a 63 percent faster delivery of new forms and documents. That’s from simply streamlining the forms creation and delivery process with tools to build beautiful, intuitive, mobile-first experiences from end to end.

In the City of Sacramento, Adobe Experience Manager Forms and Adobe Sign provided paperless processes that saved constituents time and energy. Their subscriber base grew by 30 percent with an open rate of over 24 percent.

Read the City of Sacramento’s digital transformation story.

“One of the issues you have with paper forms is you have to put everything on it for everyone,” says Megan Haran, director of digital self-service and content at TD Ameritrade. “The form needs to capture every edge case — not just the most frequent. And that makes it difficult to keep them simple and straightforward.”

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“From COVID, having a jump-start in digitization really showed an impact when our call centers and branches had to go digital,” says Haran. “By digitizing your forms and providing instant feedback, you reduce the number of status calls that come in.”

Read TD Ameritrade’s forms digitization story.

Now imagine adding the power of the Cloud to Adobe Experience Manager Forms, and the benefits compound.

Added benefits of the Cloud include:

Faster form rendition. Forms render faster with the Cloud as we utilize the built in CDN capability for caching.
Less maintenance, more innovating. New Forms features are continuously validated and updated so businesses can focus on innovating and growing instead of planning for version upgrades.
Scale with more ease. Seasonal surges in digital enrollment traffic is easily supported via a microservices based architecture that auto-scales to meet your demand.
“Always on”: eliminate downtime & disruption. 24/7 service, 365 days a year. Redundancy & monitoring to provide mission-critical SLAs for all Forms related services like runtime and authoring.
Automatically boost your security. Daily security patches and continually updated security rules for best framework practices. All environments pre-configured to Adobe-backed security rules such as ISO 27001 and SOC-2 Adobe Experience Manager.
Increased synergy for Adobe Experience Manager Forms + Sign. Forms practitioners will be able to create digital enrollment user journeys spanning Forms + Sign in a more streamlined fashion.
Improved time to value and continuous business agility. Realize ROI faster. It’s significantly easier and quicker to provision a Forms + Sign deployment and maintain this solution in the Cloud, saving your IT department time and your company money.

Take a Peek: Adobe Experience Manager Forms in the Cloud — a Next Generation Platform

Adobe Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service represents the best of multiple best practice solutions and capabilities bundled together.

By adding the Cloud to Forms, it gives businesses and government increased agility (less concerns over downtime), faster time to value, and optimizes the experiences of workers and users at every step.

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Easily create Adaptive Forms using an Intuitive UI, use brand approved assets on the form.

Seamlessly integrate the Adaptive Forms into an Adobe Experience Manager Sites page to deliver a consistent brand experience.

Start filling on one device, submit and e-sign on another.

Using the power of Adobe Sensei, modernize your existing forms quickly with the included Automated Forms Conversion Service.

Easily build back office processes for submitted Forms.

Integrate with external Data Sources and APIs using the included Forms Data Model functionality for form data submission and pre-fill.

Adobe Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service also takes into account the needs of regulated industries such as Government, Financial Services and Healthcare — where improving regulatory compliance and aligning with accessibility standards is a must.

Boost your digital enrollment workflow to improve customer experience with Adobe

Are your digital enrollment experiences easy for customers to fill and submit information securely? Is it easy for employees to review and approve in the back-end — and for marketers to communicate personalized messages?

Adobe Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service helps you manage end-to-end digital enrollment workflow, greatly improving customer experience and ROI.

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Manage and deliver personalized digital enrollment experiences to any channel
Boost business results with improved workflow
Drive agility, security, and performance at scale in the cloud

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