Combine PDF files with ease using Acrobat online tools

Take the hassle out of merging PDF files. With the Adobe Acrobat online Merge PDFs tool, it’s easy to combine PDFs with great results.

Combining multiple PDFs into a single document can streamline your work in so many ways. But if you have ever tried it, you know that many methods commonly used to merge PDFs can be time consuming or produce less-than-ideal results. With Adobe Acrobat online PDF tools, combining PDFs into a single document is quick, easy and effective.

Take the hassle out of merging PDFs

There are plenty of reasons to combine PDF files. Maybe you need to create an end-of-year report for your business by merging monthly reports, or maybe you need to combine various forms and sheets into a single cohesive package for your next meeting. If you are an educator, perhaps you would like to create a single set of reading materials for your students from multiple sources. Or maybe you would like an easy way to compile your favorite home recipes into a digital cookbook.

With the new Acrobat Merge PDFs tool, you can complete any of these tasks in just a few moments. Simply open the tool in any browser, select the PDFs you want to combine, and Acrobat takes care of the rest. The Merge PDFs tool is just one of 19 powerful online PDF tools that Acrobat lets you try for free. And if you need to make your workday even more efficient, consider an Acrobat DC subscription. You can start a seven-day free trial of Acrobat Pro DC (then US$14.99/mo) to get unlimited access to all tools today.

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Easy document organizing with Acrobat

Once you combine your PDFs, you will likely want to reorganize or edit the pages in the merged PDF. If you are already a subscriber or have started your free trial, you will have access to these Acrobat organization tools to finalize and polish your documents:

With help from Acrobat, you can make sure your documents present content just the way you want with quality you can trust. Discover all you can do with PDFs with a free trial of Acrobat DC and Acrobat’s online PDF tools today.

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