Adobe partners with governments in all 50 states to accelerate digital modernization

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Digital modernization in government has been picking up steam over the last decade.

In normal years, government agencies would often grapple with shifting technology priorities and budgets. This has led to some uneven improvements in the past. However, the need for agencies to quickly support the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic was a driving force and intensified the focus on delivering digital services. This dedication and commitment to expanding digital government has led to the most significant digital modernization effort across all levels of government in our history.

The accelerated adoption of new technologies to improve digital customer experience (CX), ensure government mission continuity and support the government’s workforce, was made possible due to dedicated public servants and strong public-private partnerships.

At Adobe, partnering across industries to improve digital customer experiences is a significant part of who we are. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, we created a Rapid Response Program and COVID resources hub to help government adapt and meet the needs of their workforce and the people they serve. One year later, we recently achieved a milestone worth celebrating: Adobe is now partnering with Federal Government as well as individual agencies at the state, county, and city levels in all 50 states.

We are proud that these partnerships have enabled government agencies to modernize their operations through a combination of Adobe Experience Cloud and Document Cloud solutions. But perhaps most importantly, we are excited to have been part of the amazing stories of successful cross-collaborations and agile responses by government agencies.

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Here are a few examples of how, with the right technology, government and Adobe worked together during a critical time to bring better digital experiences and better government services to the people.


Improving testing services and vaccine distribution

Adobe has partnered with companies like Microsoft, Accenture, ServiceNow, Splunk, Oracle, Datahouse and others to bring innovative solutions to federal, state, local, and tribal governments so they can move quickly to reduce bottlenecks in testing and vaccine distribution.

Through our partnerships, hundreds of thousands of people have either received testing in mobile facilities or been screened and qualified for COVID-19 appointments.

Adobe tools can be used to streamline enrollment tasks such as eligibility determination, appointment scheduling and personalized reminders, while e-signatures expedite document requests and minimize fraud. And with a greater need to inform the public on vaccine developments and guidance, Adobe can help teams manage and deliver content across web, email, mobile messaging, and other channels.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) uses data and email to keep people informed

At the federal level, Adobe partners with agencies as they brought critical services online and looked to improve communications with residents.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) leveraged Adobe analytics and communications technology at a pivotal point in the pandemic, to better understand what constituents were looking for on their website and deliver relevant and timely email messages on vaccine guidance and prevention methods.

U.S. Census goes online for the first time in history

Another large project was with the U.S. Census Bureau. They used Adobe Experience Cloud to power the delivery, measurement and personalization of the very first online decennial Census in 2020.

The initiative was recognized at the ATC-IAC Igniting Innovation 2020 Conference and Awards for the “greatest magnitude of results and benefits”, and the Bureau estimates it saved at least $55 million for every 1 percent above its projected self-response rate.

Oklahoma unifies its online and mobile citizen experience

The State of Oklahoma modernized their website with Adobe Experience Cloud — making it a one-stop shop for any service, from financial assistance and the DMV, to getting a fishing permit.

By using a holistic digital solution, the state was able to also leverage Adobe Sign to support the massive shift to working remote, with automated e-signatures and contactless document processing.

L.A. County Department of Public Social Services expands digital services to ensure support for people in need

In California, Los Angeles County is home to over 10 million residents — one in three people rely on the Department of Public Social Services (DPSS), the largest agency of its kind in the U.S.

Using Adobe Experience Cloud, the agency revamped it’s website with an agile digital “front door”, which became crucial when shelter-in-place orders took effect and residents were able to quickly obtain the needed information and engage the department to obtain public assistance. The new experience is much easier to navigate for their millions of diverse users, has improved search capability and is optimized for mobile.

Iowa creates more efficient grant assistance distribution for small businesses

The State of Iowa, through the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA), awarded over $52.2 million in grant assistance for small businesses.

With Adobe Sign, the state was able to coordinate a smooth, efficient grant distribution to the right people. They quickly received and processed applications and turned around payment distribution. In the first four weeks of the portal going live, around 20,000 transactions were completed.

Sacramento revamps email communications

The City of Sacramento partnered with Adobe to revamp its email program, a key communication channel to share COVID-19 relief updates in a timely, efficient manner. Through better insights and more personalization, the subscriber base grew by 30 percent with an open rate of over 24 percent.

Adobe Sign and Adobe Experience Manager Forms also provide paperless processes that save time and energy for both government employees and the public.

Utah telework initiative ensures service continuity and improved efficiency

The State of Utah enacted a teleworking initiative to drive greater efficiency in its government. With Adobe Sign, employees are able to work remotely while reducing carbon footprints.

During the pandemic, this helped minimize disruption for residents, with over 2,500 employees quickly transitioning to remote work and accelerating turnaround on over 5,000 documents in the first 30 days.

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